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From 12 euros / translation page 1,800 characters including spaces
From 60 euros / hour Other types of work
  • In estimating the price of a job, we proceed from our base rate, which represents the cost of a job in an optimum case. The base price for a page of written translation is 12 euros. The base price for work not measured in pages (e.g., interpreting, project management, work with audio files, etc.) is 60 euros/hour.
  • The base price reflects an optimum scenario – an order for a translation from one common language to another, for example. It is also applied if the customer accepts certain conditions – related to deadline, the availability of additional materials and resources, complexity of the text, etc.
  • Orders are rounded up or down to whole units, and the minimum order size is 1 industry page or 1 hour of labour. VAT is added to the price.
  • One page of written translation is 1,800 characters including spaces.
  • For interpreting tasks of more than 2 hours, two translators may be required.
  • For large orders, we recommend asking for a price quotation!
  • We can offer our regular customers individually tailored service plans.