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Written translation

Computers keep getting more powerful, but it’s premature to say there’s no need for human wordsmiths. In a recent example, people put too much faith in progress and, as a result, Madonna was forced to receive “ventilator mail” for several months – that is how an algorithm had translated the word “fan.” While mistakes like that might be humorous to read, people shudder at the idea of it happening to their company.

It doesn’t happen with us – we rely on a group of human experts from our own translators to a wide network of partners. We’re constantly forging new international ties to expand our capabilities for translation services. Translations may be carried out for different purposes as determined by the customer – such as verbatim translation, stylistic crafting or adaptation. That can impact the speed of the translation. We’re developing our capabilities and we can provide written simultaneous translation for some languages – we can perform the translation at read-through speed.

If you need text translated from one language to another, use the form below. Send us the text you need, let us know what sort of translation you would like and by when you need it completed. We’ll generally reply within an hour. If everything suits, we’ll be glad to take your order.
Imagine that you need to tell a non-English speaker a folk tale. Or try to convey a proverb like 'a stitch in time saves nine' or 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going.' This is something that requires a specialist’s eye in order to avoid dramatic irony. Such assignments require more creativity than a word for word translation. As a creative agency, we have translators with literary talent who are on hand.
A rose isn’t always a rose: people who actually work every day in a given field have specific names for things and wouldn’t dream of using a layman’s term. We rely on consultants from specific fields to ensure suitable terminology is used.
Translations prepared for online publishing have their own specifications – the words must fit into a preset form. We provide a way to make the format of the text suitable so that the text is displayed properly, even on pages designed for text in other languages.
Sometimes the structure of text sent for translation varies somewhat from the original file. Some passages may be added; there may be format problems; text, tables and diagrams may become illegible. The reasons are many, but generally involve a difference between formats. Each program has a different way of dealing with the structure of text to be translated, and therefore a translation may not be as consistent as the customer’s source file. This is especially the case when several translators are working on the same file and each one uses their own programs. Terminology may also diverge in such a case. We consider the format of text just as important as content, and we’re glad to assist in this regard, too.
We are already in the business of compiling glossaries for our own use, as some of our regular partners require specific vocabulary to be used uniformly. If your company has several subcontractors or on-staff translators – personnel who may rotate – your in-house glossary can be a major asset for you. It allows you to achieve uniformity and consistency – no need for readers to mull over whether the term used is the same as last time or is something new.
If your text is for public consumption – a company newsletter, press release or response to a journalist’s inquiry – it’s a good idea to have the text checked and corrected before being sent out. Specialists sometimes tend to go into too much detail for general readership, or they pepper text with specialised jargon. If your text is for a wider audience, it’s wise to use professional terminology sparingly in order to make the text easier to read. Of course, a journalist can do this for you, too, but you can’t be totally sure that they will leave out the parts you want omitted.
If you’re publishing a company newsletter and looking for a suitable partner, call us – or use the form on this webpage. We will take over from your in-house staff, freeing them up for other activities. We produce and publish corporate materials for some of the 10 biggest companies in the Baltics. Our professionals are happy to help find a solution to your company’s PR needs.
Uniquely on our market, we offer written simultaneous translation. Our pledge is that we can translate written text at standard read-through speed. If you needed a translation yesterday or ASAP, just fill in the form on this page – or phone or write to us. We can’t go back in time, but we can promise same-day delivery.
In this day and age, using technology for translations is a wise idea. If you need a smaller translation from a remote location, there’s no point in sending a translator to the site in person – it could take longer to get to the venue than to perform the actual translation. We’re always on the lookout for remote and IT-based solutions that increase the efficiency of our services. We’ve translated over chat apps on social media and we’re interested in seeing how technology will continue to evolve in this area.
If you need to record everything that is said at an event, our stenographers can help. Call us to arrange a time.