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Good to know

Tips for better written translations

The best work is done when the person doing the work has enough time. If you do have time, ask the translator how fast they are able to translate the text. If you’re on a tight schedule, on the other hand, let us know early on and set a deadline. Then the translator will be able to make suitable arrangements to be able to perform the faster translations first.

Sometimes, the translator has already finished their translation but you need to make changes. In such a case, please be aware that we treat the changes as a new order.

You can translate a proverb like 'a stitch in time saves nine' word for word, but it doesn’t mean that this is how the proverb is worded in all languages. While a translation is an exact copy of the phrase in a given language, localisation means finding a phrase that may employ different words but retains the idea and context of the original.